Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition

This “four hour window” (90 minutes before, 60 during, 90 after) will be the most important period of time in your program in terms of feeding your body for muscle growth.

10 Steps to Improve Your Metabolism

Are you sluggish and low on energy? Do you feel like you work and work toward your weight loss goal and never seem to make any dramatic improvement?

4 Harmful Muscle-Building Myths Uncovered

In this article I’m going to expose 4 very common muscle-building myths in order to keep you on the proper path to the mind-blowing muscle and strength gains you deserve.

2 Simple Steps To Ripped Summertime Muscles

Summer is on the horizon, and the time has come to kick back and relax under the sun. Its time for beach days, barbecues and pool parties, and for any serious weightlifter these activities also mean one thing: its time for the shirts to come off and to showcase that rock-solid physique they’ve been working on all year. No one wants to be walking around with a soft, smooth and flabby body, and for the next month or two, all of those serious lifters will be shifting into get ripped mode.

When and How Much Should You Eat to Build Muscle

If you want to build muscle mass, working hard in the gym is only part of the battle. The war is won in the kitchen. In this article, we’ll review how much you should be eating and the best times to eat if you are trying to build muscle mass.

Fast & Slow Twitch Muscles Explained

It is important to exercise both your fast and slow twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscles are more important for endurance activities. Fast twitch fibers are more important for explosive activities and may be correlated with muscle size.

Is Stress Making You Fat?

Usually, we think of stress in terms of business meetings and deadlines, exams and problems with family life – the list is endless. ┬áBut actually, stress can also come from a whole range of physical factors too. This can include a food intolerance, digestive issues, under-eating; low micro-nutrients and even things like not enough sleep, […]