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FIVE lessons from the lockdown

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Sometime in the future, when all this is behind us, if I were to ask a random person about the year 2020, I am sure he’d look at me with righteous denunciation and walk past swiftly. Such has been this year. The large numbers of subtle yet true ‘memes’ floating around the social media bear testimonies to this grim fact.

Most of us would like to erase the past couple of months from our memories where we have been cooped-up at home, with the very freedom that humanity boasts of, having been snatched away. We are in a constant state of fear for ourselves and for our dear ones. Malls and shopping centres now look like a modern ghost town. It is ages since we saw a live sporting event. The lyrics of the GreenDay hit ‘Wake me up when September ends’ makes a lot more sense now.

Home quarantine hasn’t been easy. In varied degrees, all sections of the society have suffered — businesses have taken a hit, many have been stranded away from their families and for a change, the media has been left with limited options. Ironically, inconvenience and chaos is the new order.

While some of us are taking this quarantine time as an opportunity to learn something new, others are just watching the clock tick.

Here are FIVE realisations that lockdown has gifted me:

Days are LONGER. Extra time!

Remember those times when we used to wake up in the morning and rush through our routines to get to the office? Now, there is so much more time that we save from the daily commute. On an average I estimate us having two hours more each day. Where do we invest these hours?

HOPE is our greatest asset. Don’t lose it.

In optimistic terms, we all see light at the end of the tunnel. Someday, sometime, planet earth will be corona free. Looking forward to things is an elixir to the human existence. Nothing falls beyond hope to give us a reason to live and persist!

Post-Corona life needs a mindset adjustment.

My buoyant gut-feel tells me that someday we will walk in a corona free world. However, my cautious gut-feel warns that the post-corona era will be quite different from what it was before. Maybe we’ll see social distancing as a new way of life.

It is an eco-system of co-existence

Most of us have learnt how nature is reclaiming back its spaces. Humans are now trapped inside their habitats while the fauna has emerged on the streets, sea shores etc. It is high time we realise the wrath of our technological advancements on our eco-system.

Introspection and resolutions

The quarantine has given us the leverage of time to reflect upon our past, present and future. We get so caught up in our usual work-a-day lives that we forget that self-introspection is essential to our intellectual progress. This has been a highlight of this lockdown phase. We have new resolutions and ideas prepared with us to do after we are through this.

Apart from all this, there is also the ‘bragging right’ we have earned. We can all boast to the future generations that we survived the Great Corona Phase. Each passing moment of this phase will be a bed-time story for our little toddlers in the times to come.

Has lockdown brought you any realisations?

Do let me know in the comments section below!

-Neelabh Rai

Fitness Coach


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