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FIVE Tips to Maximize your Home Work-outs

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Truth be told, exercising regularly at home is a big deal. Especially if you are used to lifting iron at your favorite gym. We are so accustomed to the convenience of finding the right equipment for the right exercise at the gym that, at home everything goes haywire.

We are also limited by the variations in the exercises we perform. I mean how many ways can you do squats using only our body-weight?

Some of us have the luxury of resistance bands or dumb bells at home. Small mercies, for sure but nothing matches the intensity that the gyms offer us.


But hey, all is not lost!


Like every other aspect of our life, we must, in order to survive the new situation, adapt to our fitness routine at home. Once your body has adjusted to the new training environment, it is easier to become consistent.

Remember the first time you set foot in a gym? How strange it felt? Any changes in our lifestyle affects our mindset as well. We need to persevere and push ourselves to fine-tune into this whole new schedule of working out at home.



Here are my FIVE tips for you to maximize your home work-outs:


  • Plan and log

Your gym work-out split won’t work at home. Draft a plan that you can follow at your home with equipment available to you. On an average 5-7 exercises per day will be more than enough to keep you keep you pumped and synced. More importantly, log each exercise. So, the next time you perform it, you have a goal to reach!


  • Focus on Full-Body Training.

In the gym, its easy to overload a particular muscle group (courtesy-an array of machines and weights). But this isn’t the case at home. Ergo, focusing more on integrating exercises of multiple muscle groups will help you perform more work in a lesser amount of time, thus improving the overall quality of your work-out session.


  • Fix your Work-out spot.

Yes, you read that right. Having a set place to exercise at your home will sub-consciously make you more consistent and will allow you to push better each time. We associate certain places with certain memories and your workout spot will be your trigger to exercise.


  • Warm-up and Stretching.

Training at home doesn’t shield you from the chances of incurring an injury. Just because you do not have the access to bad ass weight-training machines, it doesn’t give you the liberty of skipping your pre work-out formalities. A brisk walk or climbing up the stairs will increase blood circulation and prepare your mind and body for the work-out.


  • Strengthen your lagging muscle group.

Whether a beginner or an advanced level athlete, we all have a lagging muscle group which we may have been ignoring for a while. The lock-down gives you a perfect opportunity to strengthen those muscles and help them catch up in the race.



Though home workouts are not easy to plan and execute, do it. If you want to emulate fitness as a lifestyle, consider this as your testing period. We all know that sooner or later the gym shutters will open, but these lock-down months may just prove to be the golden era that re-defines your fitness journey.


Make it a memorable one!


– Neelabh Rai (Instagram : @fit.neel)


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