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Home vs Gym Work-out. Which is better?

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Most of us are still home quarantined and the gyms have been closed for over two months now. While some of us are keenly waiting for the gym shutters to open to resume our training, others have found motivation to train at home with every possible thing we can use as resistance – water bottles, cement bricks, resistance bands, have all been put to some good use in the past two months.

While training at home and at a gym are two very different things, they both hold their share of merits and demerits.  An unresolved debate amongst fitness enthusiasts remains: which of the two is better?

Here are the pros and cons of both.

1. GYM: You’ll never get bored.

A common reason why people hate exercising at home is because of the lack of equipment. This leaves us with a limited number of exercise options. At the gym however, we have an array of machines ranging from Treadmill and Rowing machine to weight-lifting, which ensure we’ll never get bored of doing the same exercises over and over.

2. GYM: Easy to stay motivated.

Well, no one comes to gym to watch a movie, have a cup of tea or just ‘hang-out’. Everyone we meet/ see at a gym is there for a serious business – to exercise hard. Thus, we have a ready made motivation soaked, energised atmosphere. Thumping music and seeing others train hard pushes us to extend our limits as well. On the other hand, home workouts can be demotivating. Imagine trying to exercise while your cousin sits a few feet away watching Netflix with nachos in one hand and cheese dips in the other!

3. GYM: Professional guidance.

Another major advantage of exercising at a gym is access to professional guidance. Regardless of which fitness YouTube channel we follow, chances are high that we’ll make some basic workout mistakes. At the gym, qualified personnel guide and help us achieve our fitness goals.

4. HOME: The cheaper option.

Gym memberships can easily burn a hole in your pocket. But home workouts are a considerably cheaper option. There is no need of buying expensive machines and equipment. We can use water bottles instead of dumbbells and turn the staircase into a calorie-burning machine.

5. HOME: It’s hassle-free.

Going to the gym involves packing our gym bag, change clothes and the journey to the gym. Moreover, we’ll have to plan our schedule to meet the gym timings (unless it’s a 24-hour gym). At home, we are at the convenience of training at whatever time we prefer.

6. HOME: Privacy and fewer germs.

It’s a cold-hard truth that gym equipment is touched by several people and houses many germs, no matter how many times it is cleaned. If one is allergic, home is a better place to exercise. Especially for introverts, who love privacy.

All in all, choosing a place to train depends upon the individual’s perception and fitness goals. For instance, a Cross-Fit or Powerlifting athlete can’t train at home as he/she would need advanced level machines to train.

Keep the above in mind and  choose your preferred place to train.  There are no right answers. What is right for you is simply depends on what your fitness goals are and what tips the balance for you.

  • Neelabh Rai

Fitness Coach

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