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REX is the total workout system that you can take and store anywhere. Now anyone can have a complete workout that is perfectly tailored to them, from the safety of their home. With REX, the Resistance Multiplier, you can utilize our free training materials to perform more than 100 exercises that engage every muscle of the body. Using (4) included resistance bands, anyone from a seasoned athlete, to a grandmother, can get an ideal workout.

REX Quality Promise:

Level up your home workouts with our Ultra Premium Exercise System. Each resistance band is made out of 100% high-quality latex and protected by a durable sleeve. Each component has been carefully crafted for maximum comfort and durability.

REX Simplicity:

Our system has been tested by users of all ages and experience. It’s so easy, a monkey could do it. With our in-depth instructional videos and manuals, you’ll be REXercising like a pro in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you ship worldwide?

We currently ship to the USA and Canada only.

How much is shipping?

Our flat rate shipping is only $10 in the USA and $20 in Canada


How long does shipping take?

We offer 2 day shipping on all USA orders.

What if I need to return it?

We offer a 30 day risk-free trial period and we cover all manufacturing defects for 1 year


5 months ago
David Goldberg

Trying to be careful with COVID but couldnÕt get that gym pump until REX. Good looking out.

5 months ago
Michael Moskowitz

I am 72 years old living in a small apartment. This has been such a fun way to exercise my arms and legs at the same time.

6 months ago
Jonie Nadler

My son got this for me because I could no longer go to the gym. I have been using it every day and it is so easy to use.

6 months ago
Brittany Feldt

I use this for squats every single day and having the 4 bands makes it so easy and a great workout. Recommend for anyone that does squats.

6 months ago
Ronald Tash

Wish I had this 6 months ago!!!

6 months ago
Mary Silverman

I was part of the pre launch test group and asked to give a heartfelt review. Literally, I have 2 on pre-order for my mom and grandmother. Enough said.

6 months ago
Margaret Aimes

I live in a small apartment so a home gym was a terrifying thought for me. But it hardly takes up any space and is so easy to store away. Best purchase ever.

6 months ago
Jennifer Molder

So much fun using the REX while I watch TV!

6 months ago
Scott Antico

I am one of the initial testers and was asked to give my honest review. It not only met my initial expectations but I find my son using it every day. We do not even store it away anymore. My honest feedback is an A+ and everyone should have one in their home.

6 months ago
Monica Franklin

This product is exactly what I needed and I have been using it daily. I only wish that I had it sooner. Highly recommend this for anyone who has been struggling to get a great workout at home.

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