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1 week ago
David Goldberg

Trying to be careful with COVID but couldnÕt get that gym pump until REX. Good looking out.

1 week ago
Michael Moskowitz

I am 72 years old living in a small apartment. This has been such a fun way to exercise my arms and legs at the same time.

2 weeks ago
Jonie Nadler

My son got this for me because I could no longer go to the gym. I have been using it every day and it is so easy to use.

2 weeks ago
Brittany Feldt

I use this for squats every single day and having the 4 bands makes it so easy and a great workout. Recommend for anyone that does squats.

2 weeks ago
Ronald Tash

Wish I had this 6 months ago!!!

3 weeks ago
Mary Silverman

I was part of the pre launch test group and asked to give a heartfelt review. Literally, I have 2 on pre-order for my mom and grandmother. Enough said.

3 weeks ago
Margaret Aimes

I live in a small apartment so a home gym was a terrifying thought for me. But it hardly takes up any space and is so easy to store away. Best purchase ever.

3 weeks ago
Jennifer Molder

So much fun using the REX while I watch TV!

3 weeks ago
Scott Antico

I am one of the initial testers and was asked to give my honest review. It not only met my initial expectations but I find my son using it every day. We do not even store it away anymore. My honest feedback is an A+ and everyone should have one in their home.

4 weeks ago
Monica Franklin

This product is exactly what I needed and I have been using it daily. I only wish that I had it sooner. Highly recommend this for anyone who has been struggling to get a great workout at home.