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Recent Workouts

Obliques on fleek ➡️Alternating side plank ➡️Elbow to knee side plank ➡️Toe touches ➡️Elbow to knee low plank 10reps for 10 rounds

Beach Body Workout

View this post on Instagram 20 reps each move for 5 rounds ➡️Front raises ➡️Lateral raises ➡️Overhead raises ➡️Tuck ups

Arm Exercise For Great Arms!

The aim for beginners to weight training must be to lay the foundations for the intensive workouts that their bodies

5 min EMOM

View this post on Instagram Jump Jump Jump 5 min EMOM finisher . 10 reps ➡️invisible jump rope ➡️jump squats

No equipment booty burn

10 moves as many rounds as possible ➡️Squat side kick ➡️Plié pulses ➡️Glute bridge ➡️Glute bridge pulses ➡️Single leg bridge